Arbor Renovations has the experience and know how to tackle any exterior or interior painting you may have. So whether you are just simply looking to change the color in a room in your home or commercial building or you want to repaint the exterior of your home or building, you can trust that the project will be done to your specifications.

At Arbor Renovations we believe that a quality paint job starts right at the beginning with preparing the surface. Ever tried to paint over a poorly prepped or sanded surface? How did the end result turn out? Where you happy with it? If the project area is not properly prepped it’s a surefire guarantee that the paint will not look its best and there will be problems with it down the road.

To ensure that your painting project turns out the way it should and the way you want, let Arbor Renovations tackle your next painting project. As a result, we will have your painting done perfect the first time and you can enjoy your new painted interior or exterior project for many years.

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Interior Painting

Exterior painting

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